Oak Island Treasure

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Oak Island Treasure

Have you heard the mystery of the Money Pit on Oak Island located off the coast of Nova Scotia?  This is a real life mystery and you silver nutters will love it.  Basically, people have been digging a hole in the ground for over 200 years on this island to find what is hoped to be treasure.  However, their attempts have continuously been thwarted over the years from booby traps and whatnot.  It's truly hard to believe all the efforts of even todays equipment still cannot get to the literal bottom of this.  You must read the history on this thing.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

I've heard everything from pirate treasure to the holy grail to Shakespeare lost writings who many believed was actually Sir Francis Bacon.  Knights Templar, vikings, ...this crazy thing has something for everybody.

I haven't kept up with it for several years so I don't know what the current situation is. 


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There is also a fiction book

There is also a fiction book that deals with this, although it does not use the same name.  It is an interesting read by two good authors.


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Ha, yep it is an interesting

Ha, yep it is an interesting one for sure.

Hope springs eternal on Oak Island, as is made apparent by the dozens of folks who have spent money, time and energy digging there.


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