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Martin Armstrong

We couldn't do any kind of in depth topic discussion on the old format, so I have been waiting for the new site here to start this discussion regarding Martin Armstrong, and specifically how his writing relates to silver. His writing at first glance can be cryptic and vague, and Turd himself said he dosent know what to make of him. I'd like to venture my what may be only my interpretation of Armstrong writing about Silver, specifically his prediction of a bottom on June 13th;

Can we call this Armstrongs bottom? His model is really meant to predict shifts in consumer sentiment, and identify where money is going to flow in each cycle, and for silver to bottom on that day actually portends that silver very well may be the source of the next 'phase transition' as he calls it.

I know his righting seems vague at first glance, but it is expressed in "if then" statements, for example

"We have two primary possibilities for a low shaping up on the horizon. WE could create that spike low and BOTTOM precisely on June 13th/14th in a few weeks, and this would tend to suggest we may be more likely than not going to see the 1980 high of $54 exceeded by 2013. The other possibility remains the fact that the low could extend for 2.15 years into the next turning point on the Economic Confidence Model."

Quote from "the silver crash of 2011"

Here is one article about the turning point that focuses more on gold for you Eric#1:

It stands to reason that since silver and not gold made a solid bottom on that day, it will be silver that is the target of the next phase in the cycle, but of course thats just my interpretation. What do you guys think?

Fascinating reading for those interested in history too imho.

Here is a link to all the other articles if you are just getting started with Armstrong:

Also, I gotta test out the new picture function just to see if I can put one up! Love the new site Turd!! Here is my pic (unrelated)

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