Leveraged ETF List

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Leveraged ETF List

This is a link to a list of all the leveraged ETFs  that I find useful.


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Thanks...that's a good

Thanks...that's a good list.

I've held DGP for 1 1/2 years...75% percent up, and I plan to hold.

But, although I bought with cash, Ameritrade holds back

a "maintenace requirement" out of my money that is now a bit more than the orginal purchase price.

Those looking at ETF's should check this out in advance when considering PM ETF's.

(Also...this is a test post, as well.)

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excellent list-thanks



This isn't a metals blog anymore. It's a right wing circle jerk, masquerading as a metals blog.

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+Hat Tip for the ETF list,

+Hat Tip for the ETF list, very useful.  Just bought the SKF (2X Bearish Dow).

Does anyone trade any of these?  FAZ seems to be popular around here as well.

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Be careful with leverage

SilverSurfer, SKF is the ultra-short financials..I have some, but I'm getting stopped out.

ProShares UltraShort Financials Fund (SKF)

Take any ultrashort/ultralong pair and put them on the same chart. You'll see that investing equal amounts in both  is a guaranteed way to lose lots of money on any period over a week.   I wish I could short equal amounts of both.

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