Important: Bug Report "Template"

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Important: Bug Report "Template"

It would help us better to identify the source of bugs if you could let us know the following when reporting them:

1. Computer type - Mac/PC/iPhone/Android Phone/Tablet/eReader, etc.

2. Operating system - Windows Vista vs. Windows 7, Mac version, Android version, Linux (with distribution), etc.

3. URL where the problem occured

4. Whether you were logged in or not at the time

5. If you were logged in (or trying to login in) were you using a TF Metals account or Facebook/Google/OpenID to login?

6. Please share any error messages that came up on the screen.

7. Screenshots of the error/problem are helpful - Windows7 comes with a free "snipping tool" by default that you can use for screenshots.

We'll try to get to them as soon as we can! Thank you!

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