How do they supress silver and gold?

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How do they supress silver and gold?

What are the weapons the EE has in its arsenal to control all markets?

1. Unlimited funds, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of England, Fed. Control of worlds reserve currency.
a. Complete control of the government and it's regulatory agencies.

b. Alleged control of America's gold the worlds largest stockpile of gold.

3. Computer control of limits up & limit down in the daily markets.

4. Control of Wall Street.

5. Complete daily control over precious metals, except for the long term trend by means of:
a. Unlimited naked short selling of stocks and ETF's
b. 2% cap on gold spot price movement.

6. Total control of the CFTC
1. Sets position limits and enforces position limits

7. Control of the Comex/LMBA
1. Can raise margin requirements
2. Can sell gold they don't have for shorted options contracts on options expiry day with cash payoffs.

8. Control of SLV and GLD
a. Controlled by JP Morgan can use inventory to pay off
long options counter-parties to their shorts.

9. Derivatives and hedging futures.

10. Has access to Globex and thin hours of trading to smash the price.

I need help with this. I would appreciate anyone's input and additions to this list. Also, would like any discussion about any of these items.

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