Home-Made Berkey Filter

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Home-Made Berkey Filter

You can save yourself about $100-$150 by making your own Berkey filter on the cheap. Thought this might be deserving of its own thread - this is how we made ours.

Parts You Will Need

In the bottom of one bucket drill two holes to receive the Berkey carbon-ceramic filters, and drill two matching holes in the lid of the other bucket. You will use the rubber washers and nuts to tighten the filters in through the bottom of the bucket and lid. The lid from the bottom bucket will be affixed to the bottom of the top bucket. So you will then have a bucket with two filters inside with a lid on top and a lid fastened to the bottom. You may need to use krazy glue to hold the lid in place on the bottom.

In the bottom bucket drill a hole in the side near the bottom for the spigot. Fasten the spigot through the hole again with the rubber washers and plastic nut.

Then all you have to do is stack the filter bucket on top of the spigot bucket - fasten the lid to avoid dirt in the bottom bucket - and pour some water in the top. No mater how nasty the water you pour in the top, the water will come out clear on the bottom.

Bonus item - We've obtained a smaller 3 gal food grade icing bucket, this can be filled with water (or ice packs) and frozen. Place this smaller bucket inside the bottom bucket and it will act as a water cooler.

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