hidden images on US currency and false flags

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hidden images on US currency and false flags

Interesting Video ... could this guy be right..? Or is he a wack job ?


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Thu, Jun 16, 2011 - 10:22am
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Just Look At That Horse

Reminds me of those fold-in gags on the inside back pages of Mad magazines.

Obviously the guy is sincere and just as obviously he is exceedingly naive.

There is a word for the human minds proclivity to see faces and images in random patterns, I forget what it is, but it's the reason that you can look at wallpaper or ceiling textures or trees and see faces in them. This is really no different. That's what's going on here.

And the 'waves' and 'smoke' are common moire patterns that emerge whenever you overlap image resolutions. If he'd set his screen resolution differently he would see different patterns in those bills then the ones shown.

The "Oklahoma City" fold-in has a tree jutting out of the middle of the building, the presence of which is conveniently ignored (it doesn't fit his theory so the best way to handle that is to ignore it). He compares a particular angle shot of the building to the bill and thinks because one side is skinnier than the other at that angle that somehow it relates? A different angle shot shows a different sized side of the building.

And lastly, why on earth would the U.S. mint broadcast these things in such obtuse manners? Does he think God is stepping in and making the engravers of dollars implant subliminal messages that have to be folded to be seen?

Tried to watch the whole thing but when he started praying for our salvation from the imminent UFO attack proclaimed on the back of a $2 bill, I'd had enough.