Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day

Good Afternoon Fellow Turdites...

When my Dad escaped communism by himself from the Balkans in the early 60s, his goal was to find his grandfather in Chicago and to start a new and better life. He fell short of finding his grandfather, but settled in Ontario, Canada as a lot of European people were finding work in the booming manufacturing jobs in and around the area...

Whenever he got coin (change) that had any silver content, (pre 67) he would save. He knew that those coins with silver were 'more special' and put them in a piggy bank to save. I now own those old silver coins and told him (and mom) awhile back that he knew that they were more special and were going to be more valuable one day and that he was onto something...

He may not be able to think that deeply or communicate due to a significant stroke he had a few years ago, but he knows - he comprehends and i understand the man more as i get older...

Happy Father's Day


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Great post. Happy Father's

Great post. Happy Father's Day to all. As was mentioned by the OP, many of us are stacking for our children, either to directly give them a better life or to pass something on to them when we are long gone.

I'm a firm believer that our posterity will cherish our names, in part for the stacks that we will pass on to them.

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