Greek premier reportedly offers conditional resignation

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Greek premier reportedly offers conditional resignation

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou has offered to step down if it means a national unity government will be formed to carry out austerity measures, according to media reports Wednesday, citing multiple Greek officials. "Papandreou said that if all the political parties agreed to a specific framework for the country to exit from the crisis, he would step down," one Greek official said according to The Wall Street Journal. "But in order for that to happen, there must be a commitment that the government's polices continue." Opposition parties, which have called on Papandreou to step down, have yet to respond to the offer, according to reports.

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The statement is ridiculous

The statement is ridiculous and silly on its face.  Even if they agree they really do not agree.  A bunch of political double talk.


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