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Google Maps

I notice for those that put their city/state/country up on their profile, it allows Google Maps to zoom in on a members exact location of residency.  I see that if just the country is indicated...that is what Google reveals. As others have stated...too much careful how much you plug in.  

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Just to clarify, the maps do

Just to clarify, the maps do not zoom in on a member's "exact location of residency".  This is impossible for us to do... the lowest level of detail is the city where someone lives.  So if someone lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the most detail others will know is that the person lives in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Certainly it's a personal choice as to how much info someone wants to provide, but I just want to be clear that the site is not disclosing someone's exact location.


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Grand Rapids, MI is my home town.  Jus sayin. 

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