Getting in at the ground floor: gold nanocaps

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Getting in at the ground floor: gold nanocaps

Let's leave the "Next Great Gold Junior" thread to companies which are slightly more than embryonic and dedicate this thread to ultra early stage prospects.

Is $20m a sensible market cap cut-off point?

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Tue, Jun 28, 2011 - 12:09pm
Kryptonite for Bankers
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Driven Capital Corp.

Driven Capital Corp. (TSX.V - DVV ) Also mentioned in the Silver thread because of a highly prospective Yukon property. Driven's Kuyakuz Mountain property borders on the east side of the Blackwater project recently bought out by Newgold. Exploration currently underway. Tiny mkt cap at 2.2 million. 12.4 million shares out but most are in escrow. Float is a tiny 2 million. Company is brand new. Came through the CPC process. Great area play stock. Newgold recently indicated that they think Blackwater could be district scale.

New Gold drills 318 m of 1.39 g/t Au at Blackwater

Silver Quest drills 165.4 g/t Au over 4.0 m at Davidson

Thu, Jul 7, 2011 - 11:44am
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Nano-cap gold stocks with warrants the way to go

If you want to play the nano-cap segment of gold stocks why not consider those that have long-term warrants for the ultimate in a leveraged play. Nano-cap companies that do have warrants include: Astral Mining (V.AAV) $3.5M; Northquest (V.NQV) $8.0M; and then there are 2 somewhat larger companies - Crocodile Gold (T.CRK) $24.0M and Bridgeport Ventures (T.BPV) $32.0M.

Warrants are usually priced 45% to 65% less than the stock and will appreciate 50-100% more than the stock should the stock appreciate. Warrants give you more bang for your buck than the actual stock in a rising market. That's what warrants are all about - leverage.

I have written many articles on commodity-related long-term warrants (I seem to be the only one doing so) over the past 7/8 years and developed 2 proprietary indexes - the Gold and Silver Warrants index (GSWI) and the broader Commodity-related Company Warrants Index (CCWI). You can get all the details here:

1. The “Secret” World of Gold & Silver Company Warrants

2. Gold & Silver Warrants Index (GSWI) Update

3. Buying Gold & Silver Company Warrants is Easy & Profitable – Here’s How (and Why!)

Enjoy and profit.

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