Expatriation and Offshoring Myself

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Expatriation and Offshoring Myself

One of the ways to deal with hard times is to go somewhere that is not having as hard a time. I am doing my best to be prepared where I am, but one of the things I realize is that sometimes the right answer to a really bad situation is to just leave. After all, that is how many of our American ancestors came to be here, from the Puritans and Huegenots, to the Irish fleeing the famine, to the Russian middle class in the 1920s, to 1930s and 40's German and Eastern European Jews, to the Vietnamese in the early 70s. A good number of the Mexican immigrants today trying to escape the narco-chaos that is engulfing Mexico.

To that end, I am starting to explore what it would take to be prepared to execute on starting over somewhere else. Starting to think about arranging a second, and possibly third, passport, setting up off shore bank accounts (legally...I will comply with the reporting and tax requirements, not talking about trying to hide money, just having it out of reach of any one jurisdiction). Perhaps exploring some non-dollar denominated direct investments. Who here has experience with that?

One of the websites that is intriguing is Simon Black's Sovereign Man, I figure given the overlap between Turd's and ZH readership, a fair number are familiar with his posts. His free content is basically a teaser, has anyone used his pay services, especially the video and workbook from his Panama conference? $1295 (no decimal) is pretty steep, but I am considering it. Anyone either go in person or get the videos? How valuable was it to you?

I haven't done much but think and read about it yet, but I will likely soon start taking some actions as part of my 'Be Prepared for the end of the Great Keynesian Experiment' Any advice or recommendations?

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