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The Enemy

I read this on the comments page:

"Identify your enemy ! by Monedas

40 min 2 sec ago

Stop all this speculation from two centuries ago about the Rothschilds ! The enemy is here and near and queer ! Dodd/Frank ! The freedom destroying monster worldwide.....whether Communist, Islamo-Socialist or Populist Democracies is the same !!! Each country has a trickle down hummingbird feeder from the taxing authority/money makers down to the people ! The people at the top of this trickle down pyramid are the enemies of freedom ! Our Mobocracy works all too well for the government employees, entitlees and government contractors ! Their handlers (Dodd/Frank) have license from the Mob to print money, tax, imprison, create banker minions or whatever it takes ! The producers in the private sector are the serfs ! The Dodd Mob will protect their trickle down privileges at the fiat hummingbird feeder with whatever it takes ! Let's stop blaming each other and inventing villains from the Gay Nineties (1890)....one of freedoms last flings ! The enemy is thou fat fiat cow ! Monedas 2011 The Welfare Class are the Fiat Master's House Schwarzeniggers.....the rest of you producers are the Field Schwarzeniggers pickin' cotton for the calico, confetti fiat printing presses ! Welcome to Planet Fiat Acompli !"

I must say that it is quite tempting to look at what we see in the world as 'wrong' and identify all these wrongs as 'the enemy'. The danger of this is that we never will find freedom (that is our birthright) by changing the object of our fear from one boogie man to another. The object of our fear is not the problem. What we need to understand to get rid of the enemy is the fear itself. Replacing one bad guy with another never frees us from what really steals away the peace (freedom) from within. Nothing on the outside of us can harm us as much as what holds us captive from the inside.


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Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 1:21pm
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The Enemy

The enemy is ignorance, corruption, immorality, and greed. The enemy spreads confusion with deception. All this can be internal as well as external. Even as we use the internet to learn of the vast growth of the enemy worldwide, we should look within for the internal enemy.

As I recall my Dad's generation (WWII vet, great depression survivor) they often discussed politics and current events. Was a bit of a sport for them old timers. Discussion could grow heated but the ongoing dialectic was refreshing, educating and helped people decide who and what to support and/or vote for. Folks talked and even changed their minds! I see this as very healthy, indeed a primary aspect of freedom and liberty.

The enemy has so polarized the populous with ignorance and false issues that political debate and intellectual dialogue is all but deceased. Everyone is already absolutely right, so why discuss anything? Ignorance. Thus I celebrate this blog and our intention to communicate respectfully.

The enemy within and without can be defeated by education, communication, positive intention and the SEARCH FOR TRUTH.

I disagree with many of the preppers and doomsdayers but I MIGHT BE WRONG. I'll keep reading thank you.