Ed's Coin Shop and flea markets

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Ed's Coin Shop and flea markets

Local coin dealer in Nashville Tn. that specialize in collector coins, however, he has a thriving silver and gold business as well. Very fair with pricing, usually $2-$3 over spot for silver and his pricing on gold is determined by the intrinsic value of the gold coin. Ed usually has some gold coins that are not of collector grade and sells those at very reasonable marks over spot. I recently purchased a quarter ounce gold coin, dated 1878, for $370---that is a very fair price. He is also willing to trade gold for silver and silver for gold.

The local flea market has been a bonanza for me. If you can get to your local flea market, I would highly recommend doing so. Also, check with pawn shops, which has also bore a lot of fruit. Flea markets may be known as Swap Meets in your area.

Hope this is helpful.


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