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eBay Buillion Center

I just got an email about it this morning and thought it was interesting. Still high premiums, but they are recognizing the movement going on. It looks pretty well organized with the search feature.


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That is excellent Sevin.  I

That is excellent Sevin.  I found something that is similar that will let you search bullion.  It pulls the data off ebay and organizes it in a search...


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eBay Bucks no longer earned on bullion

From eBay:

As always, eBay is committed to bringing you amazing deals on gold and silver. However, to do so, we can no longer offer eBay Bucks for purchases from the Bullion category within Coins & Paper Money. This change will take effect October 1, 2011.

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eBay Bucks

The is not too bad since it only includes the Bullion category within Coins & Paper Money.  Go get your 90%!

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That sucks, that was a nice perk.

Dr Durden
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I'm wondering if the

I'm wondering if the click-throughs that point to eBay will be allowed to up their CB limits. If MrR is back up to 5% on Oct 1, then I guess you still got your 2%. Actually, it would be better as it's real money not just a limited-use coupon code. We shall see...



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