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eagle/maple leaf/koala

eagles, maples leafs, koalas or which ones would you buy and why?

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Petr wrote:

eagles, maples leafs, koalas or which ones would you buy and why?

For me, I like the ASE's because they say America.  I want/need to trust it.

But also, I do have a few rolls of Maples, and a few Koalas and even some old Peso's-- 1-5-10's %90+ and some other rounds.  IMO. Variety in breakdown could be key. ( I have a stock of euro but wonder 'bout that.. wishing the short short short today)

one of my favorite buys of late have been proof %90 quarters, half's, dimes, et al.  seems like they have the lowest overhead, plus numismatic premium upside in relatively short timeframe.

Growing up I always heard Mexican silver was the best..??


Forgot one thing.  From what I've personally seen the Burnished (-W) mints hands down seem the most liquid, WITH the highest premium..  They will be at the mint this year(!), and you can lock them down now via Subscription at the us.mint...gov site.  (link no worky. remove a couple ..)

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Partly it depends where you

Partly it depends where you are.

If you are in the UK, buy tax-free britannias and treat the premium as partial-payment of discount CGT upfront. Not worth buying them if you are outside the UK. Buy and hold them offshore too, to avoid VAT.

I spoke to a Swiss banker a while ago who seemed to suggest that maples are the most liquid round his way.

In the US, I guess that eagles will have the greatest premium going forward.

I can't see why anyone would want to buy koalas in bulk. Are they not quite expensive? I wouldn't have thought they are as liquid as eagles, maples or even philharmonics.

If you can get rounds for a lot cheaper than national coins, I'd be tempted to go for recognised rounds. By which I mean, rounds which have a well-known brand. Don't just buy any old round.

In summary, all other things being equal, eagles and maples are definitely the most liquid coins.

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