Difference b/w Bullion and Collector coins?

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#1 Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 10:21am
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Difference b/w Bullion and Collector coins?

I came across a new release of 5oz Koala Silver coin at the PerthMint website, the design is 99.9% silver, government guaranteed..etc and is available as collectors coin (comes in case) and as bullion.

My question is what is the difference b/w collectors & bullion coins in general (other than the price, collector being more expensive), and which type should one store...."prepare accordingly".

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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 10:40am
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You know who collects rare coins....fucking old people

I have gone to several coin shows over the years for research/bullion/lulz, and almost every mother fucker there was 60+. If the market for collectors is decreasing as they go the way of Rick James, then the premiums paid, values, etc. will decline, as the "collectible" value declines.

In a SHTF scenario, no one will give a fuck who graded the coin ms 70, so why pay up for it now. Stick with bullion, and bullets, and cocaine.

I'm Rick James bitch!!

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 10:42am
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You always want bullion.

You always want bullion. Collector coins will have a much higher buy/sell spread when you want to sell (you will pay a substantial premium to buy, but when you try to sell you will only get a little more than spot). And if TSHTF, buying premiums for collectible coins will disappear completely.

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 10:47am
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If the system breaks down and

If the system breaks down and silver/gold are used as real money (which they already should be) ...no one will care about the premium you paid for collector coins and I believe that the premium you paid for collector coins will be a waste of money ...with the rare exception of those who are still able to collect. Bullion will be used to buy, sell, & barter. I would not invest in numismatic coins but I do understand that it is a personal preference. It's the silver content that counts not the collectibility imo.

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 11:02am
Poor Boy
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Collector grade is great if

Collector grade is great if you have money to burn and just want the satisfaction of 'pretty'.

If you are acquiring for a rainy day of some other reason. Plain Jane bullion or junk coin is probably a better choice. It's very unlikely that you will get a better deal with a proof or MS65+ graded coin. Also, I question the intelligence of having 10+ ounce bars unless you are planning on swapping/trading for big ticket stuff.

Remember. there are other things of value. Food, water, filters, cigarettes, beer, fuel, batteries, ammo and of course shooting irons. Just what is a pistol/rifle or shotgun and ammo worth? 

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 2:51pm
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My View

You'll hear a lot of people say silver, is silver, is silver. And that you should get the biggest bang for your buck. Usually getting the biggest bang for your buck translates to getting the lowest cost silver, thus more ounces. I don't completely agree with this anymore, here's why:

For example, if you're buying silver, the biggest bang for your buck, according to cost would be 40% silver and war nickles ( 35% silver), more ounces for less money, and then 90% silver ( junk silver). Well, there's just one fking problem, no one wants the sh*t ( 40% and war nickles), you can get rid of junk 90% but it takes a back seat to the 9.99 stuff like American Eagles. During the silver rush in the 80's 90% junk took a back seat to the .999, and the bag holders had to wait. No one wants to be a bag holder, when you're trying to stay liquid and afloat. You can go to ebay, but f*ck ebay, I don't have time for that sh*t. Your investment/money (whatever you want to call it) should be easily liquidated. If you can't get it sold, it ain't worth what you paid for it. Also when you sell back war nickles, and 40%, you take a hair cut. It's cheaper than the rest of the stuff for a reason. you can get 35% silver for under spot, imagine, what they're gonna pay you on the resell, at least a 30% hair cut. Midwest refinery, one of the most reputable refiners in the US, won't even touch the sh*t ( 40% and war nickles) now. REMEMBER, it takes energy to refine and remove impurities from war nickles and 40% silver and etc to get at the silver, and ENERGY costs are raising. The low hanging fruit is the .999 variety.

Again, against conventional wisdom, among the .999 stuff, I like American Eagles the most. Why, they are the most coveted, most widely recognized, and most trusted. Recently when the silver price bolted APMEX was offering 3 dollars over spot for American Eagles, not for 90% or 4o% or war nickles, or maples, or philharmonics. ONLY SILVER AMERICAN EAGLES. Which tells me something about the future.

Having said that, I travel a lot, so I like to have them all, Philharmonic for Europe, Maples for Canada, Libertads for Mexico, Pandas for China, Engelhards for fun, and Kooks and Koalas for Australia. Buy them all, in my opinion, and prioritize the eagles. Maybe even a small 100 face value of 90 junk, just in case.

one unintended consequence of purchasing the so called collector buillon ( kooks, koala's and etc.) is that they're beautiful,and you want to collect more, so you buy more silver, which equals more ounces. You can also make it your core position that you never sell, just pass on. Hard to sell beautiful shit, like breaking up with a beautiful gal who gives good head on request, and grills a good steak. Easy to get rid of common silver rounds and fat chicks. The stuff you sell during the mania can be the well known .999 silver Apmex rounds and etc

Just Food for thought and my opinion, don't listen to me though. DYODD!!!!!

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 3:11pm
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gold and silver are stores of wealth not survival currency

Silver don't keep you warm, you can't eat it and knowledge that you possess it can endanger you. In a catastrophic event pm's don't enter into the short term solution. first you must have shelter, drinking water and food. The list of preps does not end and all preps are not applicable to all events. The best short term barter items might be matches, toilet paper, rice, blankets etc. I would hesitate to sell ammo but I might. During the initial stages of an event might be a good time to add to silver and gold through barter. The metals will have their real strength when the recovery process begins. 9 out of 10 sheep haven't got a clue how much silver is in a coin or its' value. A stack of Kookaburras would be nice but again many of those sheep couldn't find Australia on a map if their life depended on it. Most americans have never seen the ASE. On sites like this we often forget we are preaching to the choir! 

Some people are like slinkies, not really good for anything but still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs!