Cyber attack by whom?

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Cyber attack by whom?

Is the U.S. under cyber attack and has it been going on for some time?

We hear about new attacks and website problems all the time but the CIA getting hacked is new turf. The Pentagon is attacked all the time. Major corporations have it happen to them more frequently.

Who is doing it? A foreign country? Iran, China, N. Kortea, Pakistan, Russia...?

Or are they unemployed computer geeks who are anarchists on the side? Make no mistake about it, we are under attack everyday from a lot of different directions. Who is doing it?

Will the U.S. actually respond militarily or diplomatically as they have recently stated they would as official policy?

Does anyone think the Internet kill switch will be used within the next 5 years for whatever reason they deem to be necessary? 

George Orwell's 1984  in the 2010's is what I see coming our way. 

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An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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Don't tread on me says its to could also be a false flag.

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