Could al Qaida have stolen a nuke in May?

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Could al Qaida have stolen a nuke in May?

I have no direct evidence, but I believe one day they will. So why now versus any other time?

May 23-24 recall there was an attack on a Pakistani naval base. These were no brainwashed kids, the operation was plainly carefully planned and executed. An unknown number of attackers even escaped. Clearly the work of al Qaida prime. What was the target that would make them take such a risk? The two most up to date P-3 Orion aircraft that we have given them. The Orion's mission is to track shipping and submarines.

The attack took place on the day that a period of clear weather ended and much of the country was socked in by monsoon storms.

That sounds to me like al Qaida wanted to get something out of Pakistan by ship without interference by the Pak navy. Something that a collaborator in the navy helped them steal, could not be kept a secret, and would cause more sensible elements of the navy to completely freak out. If that happened, do you think they would tell us?

There was also the Asia Times journalist (Shahzad) who was killed while in the middle of a series on ties between al Qaida and the Pak military. Did someone tell him a terrible secret and sign his death warrant?

Like I said, there is no direct evidence. Travel by ship would probably get to New York in late June. God grant that I be completely full of shit.

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Citizen 621, relax and

Citizen 621, relax and breathe. If there is going to be an attack on the US it will be a false flag event which needs to coincide with a heated event in the mid East. Likely an argument of air battle skirmish with Iran since no other nation stands in the way of US oil who has nukes and a major army. When you see a flare up with Iran get off the coast and anywhere near major ports on the Eastern seaboard. This is where the CIA will unleash a small nuke. Remember it has to look like a terrorist attack with links to Iran - the last bastion of Arab sovereignty. Al Qaida is basically a bunch of terrorist wannabe's doing target practice in the desert with AK47s. They are the make believe creation of the CIA and Pentagon to create fear in dumbed down Wall Mart shoppers and Lady Gaga experts! Things are far to calm now to be worried, give it a few years while the financial terrorists do their thing to collapse the economy. It all has to fall together to allow a new glorious leader to save the world from our past and lead us to the slavery culture of the future!

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