COMEX Silver Inventory Under 100million OZ..

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COMEX Silver Inventory Under 100million OZ..

I've always wondered about this. Two Million oz. Left the Comex Today. It won't be long before something big happens I guess. Of course everyone has been saying this for years. What puzzles me is that it is physically impossible to move 2 million oz. in and out of vaults inside of a 24 hour period. So I guess they allocate some here and there and just keep track of it on a computer inside the vault, but if that much were to actually leave the vaults, wouldn't it take a few semi trucks and a few good men to carry it out? Two million oz. is 2000 bars. I know if I try to carry something that weighs 62 pounds, I need sit down every so often to rest. It seems to me that something's wrong with this picture.

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