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Combine these forums...

The new site looks and feels so different from the other one that I have a couple suggestions or perceptions on the new one.

The other site had the continuous comment section after TF;s each daily commentary and it was nice to have 'The Herd" in one place. It was easy to keep up or catch up on all the posta and get a sense of the vibe of the community that day and what was the hot topic at any given moment. I miss it already.

I suggest combining the gold/silver miners and the gold, silver and other precious metals into one forum. A lot of us here talk about all of them at the same time and in conjunction with the days market activity and it seems like most of the posts and discussions will happen in those forum subjects by the judge of the posts alraed in those separate forums.

The ETF's and Futures and Option Brokers would work well together.

Same goes with the bullion dealers and rare coin and any numismatics.

Combine the separate Energy and Grains commodities forums into a Energy, Food and Material commodities forum. Lumber, sugar,soybeans, orange juice, pork, beef etc. could also be discussed there.

I like the recent comments section showing the most recent comments. I propose a full page of the most recent post showing maybe the last 20-30 that were posted anywhere and having the full post available. The original forum could be accessed with a hyper link contained in the posts. Kind of like tags or hot links on the post subject line to the original forum.

The biggest thing I miss the most is what I said in the beginning. Just seeing quickly who's on and what the conversation is like and how the day is going all in one place, all on one page. I know that would defeat most of the purpose of this new website.

I think having one page devoted to the most recent comments in their entirety (with hot links) would restore that community feel. Then you can go follow a conversation instead of looking for one in many separate, individual subject forums.

Any other idea's?

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