Canadian Wheat Board Crop Forecast

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Canadian Wheat Board Crop Forecast

Yesterday the Canadian Wheat Board issued a warning that the amount of crops seeded so far is below normal because of weather concerns. One large farming operation stated that at this time, most of their 6,000 hectares would be seeded with grain starting to grow. At this time they have been able to seed only 235 hectares and have called a halt for this crop year.

Wet weather continues to be a concern in the south of the prairie provinces, while in the north drought conditions persist and forest fires run amok. As can be seen in the recent destruction of a good portion of the city of Slave Lake, Alberta. These adverse conditions are expected to continue with no relief in site, further adding to farmers woes as crop prices remain high.  

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Potash reamins a buy

It would seem there is a forecast for the demand for potash to remain healthy, unfortunately it helps with yield, after the crops have been planted, and does little to help germination of the seed itself.  With high prices forecast for the grain sector potash is expected to be bought as an addendum for farmers to reduce their taxable balances at the end of the fiscal year.


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Too wet here, has been for years

This is not a good year for the farmers here in Manitoba as it is way too wet (still) and many acres have gone unplanted.

Just a local snapshot but I know North Dakota is having the same problems.  Lots of flooding as well will keep farmers off of the fields.


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