Canadian Bullion Dealers

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Canadian Bullion Dealers

Hello everyone!

I am looking to share and learn from some people as to the Canadian Bullion Dealers that they have dealt with and what your experiences have been with them.

I have dealt with the following; which is a Vancouver, Britsh Columbia based location. They have a storefront and take phone orders and deliveries as well. I have found that they do get the mint items, but if it's a hot one, look out, they can sell out really fast. I have taken mail deliveries from them as well and have got them in good time. The storefront location also sells jewellery, watches and I think they do repairs on it as well.

Colonial Acres which is based in Kitchener Ontario. I have won stuff from them on ebay and the nice thing is that they deal in Canadian dollars as well. When calling them about my transaction, I have found them to be very easy to deal with and arrange for payments and shipping. Just a note, that they schedule their auctions to end on Thursday evenings. Their shipping is reasonable but I have not gone to the store location.

BW Coins ( This location is in Brampton and run by a bunch of retired guys who want to own a coin store. Very friendly guys in there, and I find that they have the best prices for supplies (About $4 for a package of 10 of those plastic containers which I find to be the best price). They will not take deposits for items that may or may not be coming from the mint!

Cachemetals ( is place located near Yonge & Eglinton in Toronto. They take cash and you can also do wire transfers to their account. (At the time they were with TD so if you do a wire transfer and you have a TD account there are NO FEES). Their "exchange rate" that they charge is about 1/2 of 1 percentage point. They are close to the subway line if you need to get to their store. If you do decide to buy from them, you will need to speak to Robert as he deals with the bullion sales. DO check out their website as they have the spot price of silver on it and what they are selling it to you for.

If you have any other places in Canada, I would love to hear from your experience! (Both good and bad!)

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