A brief word with those who are new to silver

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A brief word with those who are new to silver

This thread is intended for the noobs of the silver investing world. Noobs like myself. I'm going to maintain the audacity that this thread will somehow keep itself on the first few pages of this forum, so that any passerby may chance upon it.

Silver is an interesting world.

I'm a small fry in this world. My knowledge of how this world works is limited, but growing. My monetary investment into this world is limited, but growing. If you've found yourself peeking into the rabbit hole of this hidden little world and found yourself here then you've undoubtedly done some digging. You've broken through the layers of "the media" in (what I shall assume is an) attempt to find some solid answers to your financial questions. Fortunately for you, you've found a site that is going to have lots of answers for those questions, and you've found people who are genuinely interested in helping you along your way.

But every bit with its grain of salt. Opinions will differ. Experts will clash. Not all roads lead to Rome in the world of silver (or finance for that matter). So I plead with you, please consider everything that is being said and consider them well. Read everything that your eyes see, even if you disagree with it. A big part of understanding the truth is understanding the lies, and the lies in silver are plentiful. Understand what your position is and asses the information you receive accordingly. It's very easy to get swept up in the currents of those who trade in and out of silver on a daily basis. It's very easy to get concerned with the price of tomorrow and the financial concerns of today. So please... please, please, please... maintain your long term vision in regards to your actions, whatever those long term visions may be. Only you know your financial situation and goals, only you can act in support of them.

This is not a warning to stay away from silver, not by a long shot. It's simply meant to be a warning of what you're getting involved with. I'm a firm believer of the possibilities that may come from silver, but every journey has its struggle.

Best wishes to all of you.

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no-body said: "Read

no-body said: "Read everything that your eyes see, even if you disagree with it."

I would add that you should actively seek out contrary viewpoints. Investigate the authors and sources of info both pro and con to build up an overall picture of the investments you make.