Bill Gross on QE3

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Bill Gross on QE3
Gross: QE3 likely to take form of “extended period” language or interest rate caps on 2-3 year Treasuries.
So, the primary dealers will continue to buy Treasuries at auction and then sell them to the Federal Reserve at a premium no less.  The Fed must keep rates low so that the government can service the debt and keep the ponzi going.  This action will continue to devalue the "dollar" versus precious metals.


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This is what Jim Rickards

This is what Jim Rickards said Gross was thinking in his last interview at

Financial Repression

Rickards doesn't think it will work but he thinks Gross thinks it will work and is the current policy of the FED.

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Anyone been watching them? I saw that Jim Rogers shorted them on friday and now monday tuesday they get killed.  I just stupidly missed out on it and have been waiting months for this play.

Do they go down for a third day straight now? If not, anyone have an idea about where they'll recover too? I've heard this is the mother of all bubbles.


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