"Background Information repository" dedicated Forum

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"Background Information repository" dedicated Forum

When I first started on my journey, I found many other repositories of information from others that I found useful shared by others. I collected & collated them, here's my example: Babstar's Links on talkfinance (old now, but still many great articles & links). I have also accumulated a collection of material on scribd & youtube that I would like to aggregate & share as a single unit. May I suggest a dedicated forum with "background information". Posts could include links to web pages & articles, books, book reviews & video series that all enhanced the learning experience. I'm sure many others have vast reams of material that they have accumulated to share. Sort of a "Best of knowledge" database.

Here's an example of a page I found through zerohedge last week that has a collection of material as a single page that has been useful:


This would allow others to comb through each others "collections" to pick the best material.