Are you an OCD stacker?

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#1 Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 2:16am
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Are you an OCD stacker?

Anyone else buy phyzzz in even lots of 10,50,100 etc, just to satisfy your inner spreadsheet? I used to only buy that way. Nice even numbers. I could multiply and divide on the fly. GSR? No sweat. Even Stevens, ahhhh. Then I discovered the kilo. Sounded exotic but damn those decimals.

Got the stack back to a whole number with a couple of '64 quarters and a dime. But now my total ozs ended in a 7 and I had 3 loose coins which is far from a matched set. .715? What kind of nightmare is this? Got more 90% to accompany them but now the face value thing is another layer of madness I can't square. Now I've discovered a shop which seems to have a nice selection of loose Libs, Kooks and other hard to find coins. Today the total ozs ends in 3.5something and I couldn't care less. Odd is odd for me. I've either made a breakthrough or I've fully succumbed to my silver addiction.

I think I've been missing out on some cool coins by staying so rigid on my buys. It's actually liberating not having it so exact.

How do you buy?

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Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 10:39am
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It's a sickness

Oh yeah, I do that all the time!! Always an excuse to buy a little more, because hey I gotta round something up to some even number somewhere. Ounces up to increments of 10, face value of 90% up to 10's, you name it. Bought a lot more physical in 2010 than I ever intended just through that exact thought process.

I've been getting better lately, as I realize that the amount of phyzz I have is getting ridiculous. But still, a partial roll of 90% just rankles me. I have some 5 oz silver bars. They add up to 45 oz, not 50, and it rankles me. That sort of thing.

PLUS, my spreadsheets are set up to track both raw ounces, and also net liquidation ounces based on approximate selling discounts at my local shops. Net result of course is that there is no possible way to have everything on the sheet sitting in nice round numbers. Ay yi yi.....

Just last night, my Mom gave me a silver dime that she found in an old desk. Oh crap. Now I either have to sell it immediately or buy another 49 dimes......

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Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 11:24am
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LOL i find myself going to

LOL i find myself going to garage sales and new and used stores looking for silver items, hoping to someday find enuf to meltdown into a gigantic silver lump. It gets to be a sickness , but alas peeps have mostly quit throwing away the old blacklooking tarnished silver . For several months tho i was finding old sterling silverware ( 92.5 % silver) in bags of kitchen silverware . I figure i have picked up about 15 lbs of silver now in those ugly old black spoons and forks etc. I also have some beauty looking old silver plate, but find now that those arent really worth melting down at current prices, i guess hard to separate. Altho maybe at 100$ silver the economics might change.

By the way use your silverware , eat with it and stir your coffee, dont set it up in the trophy case to look at it. Silver has antibacterial properties that are simply awesome. The phrase " born with a silver spoon in your mouth" was coined in europe during the plague. Those who used silver utensils for eating and cooking were immune to the plague since the silver killed the bacteria upon contact.

Back in the old days when milk was delivered by the milkman to your door in big glass bottle, many with no refrigeration would keep their milk from going bad by putting a silver spoon in it.