Are you an OCD stacker?

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#1 Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 2:16am
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Are you an OCD stacker?

Anyone else buy phyzzz in even lots of 10,50,100 etc, just to satisfy your inner spreadsheet? I used to only buy that way. Nice even numbers. I could multiply and divide on the fly. GSR? No sweat. Even Stevens, ahhhh. Then I discovered the kilo. Sounded exotic but damn those decimals.

Got the stack back to a whole number with a couple of '64 quarters and a dime. But now my total ozs ended in a 7 and I had 3 loose coins which is far from a matched set. .715? What kind of nightmare is this? Got more 90% to accompany them but now the face value thing is another layer of madness I can't square. Now I've discovered a shop which seems to have a nice selection of loose Libs, Kooks and other hard to find coins. Today the total ozs ends in 3.5something and I couldn't care less. Odd is odd for me. I've either made a breakthrough or I've fully succumbed to my silver addiction.

I think I've been missing out on some cool coins by staying so rigid on my buys. It's actually liberating not having it so exact.

How do you buy?

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