It's time for a SHORT SQUEEZE

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AG Short Squeeze
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It's time for a SHORT SQUEEZE

It's a well known fact to the informed investors that the metals are being controlled with naked paper contracts being sold into the markets at many multiples of the actual physical metal in storage. It's also a well known fact to the informed investor that the silver market is so small that it wouldn't take that much new investment into the metals to force a short squeeze to end banker control once and for all. Our problem is that there aren't that many informed investors and that wise men like Craig are just preaching to the choir so the word on exactly how valuable silver is to the world is not known. He's pointed out how little new investment it would take to drive prices much higher to get them to their rightful values. This may sound crazy, but who do we know that makes millions or tens of millions per year and already loves gold? What if we could use twitter and other social media to get the word to professional athletes and rappers to dump their financial managers and just buy physical silver and hold it in one of the many storage facilities and watch the price of silver surpass the price of gold as the solar and electric car industries start using much more than can be produced. It happened with palladium and platinum and it's inevitable that it will happen with silver. If the public was aware of that, silver would skyrocket. All it would take is a spark to get the public to notice and get them buying, too. It's just a thought and I'd like to hear what you all think. If you have any better ideas, please share them with us. We can't just sit back and let them rape us like they do on a weekly basis, or will we?

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