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Manipulation Therapy - knowledge is power!

The Zionist Cabal and Precious Metal Price Suppression

1. Anti-Zionist does NOT mean Anti-Semitic!

2. Not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews - as affirmed by Vice President Joe Biden.

3. Judaism is spiritual whereas Zionism is a political ideology.

4. The Zionist Cabal is led by the Rothschild family who are responsible for establishing the Jewish homeland in what is now Israel (Balfour Declaration).

5. I don’t have a problem with Zionists believing that they are***God's Chosen People***, however, I do have a problem with The Zionist Cabal actively controlling and ruling the World! Keep in mind that it is easier to control and rule a poor, divided, and unhappy country than a rich, united, and happy country. It is very evident that over the last 120 years, The Zionist Cabal have been enriching themselves and Israel, while weakening the USA, via worldwide theft, mass murder, and societal ruination. The US Congress has been infested by The Zionist Cabal and their “Tools” who have facilitated currency debasement , exponential &unpayable debt, never ending unprovoked false flag wars, the implementation of ruinous Globalist economic and divisive social policies!

How They Stole Your Future 100 years Ago!

6. How was Nazi Germany (1933-1939) able to achieve the greatest economic turnaround in the history of the world?

After surviving a crippling WW1 defeat, followed by the punishing Treaty of Versailles, devastating Hyperinflation, the Great Depression, and Judea declaring Economic Warfare - Nazi Germany went from decimation to becoming the world superpower in only 6 years - primarily because of financing from The European and American Zionist Cabal! The significant difference between The Zionist Cabal and Jews was that World War 2 and Reparations were extremely lucrative the relatively few that belonged to The Zionist Cabal and extremely deadly for many Jews!

7. The War on Terror (2001-Present) has been the most lucrative war ever for the Zionists!

***Christopher Bollyn*** exposes the names of many of The Zionist Cabal and their "Tools" who knowingly and willingly planned, participated in, and or covered up the 9/11 operation! The War on Terror has not only caused the murder of 3000 office & rescue workers, but it has since caused over 1,000,000 deaths and dismemberments worldwide, with upwards of 10,000,000 displaced refugees, and direct costs now approaching $6 Trillion dollars! The US Debt alone has grown from $5.8T to $22T+ over this time period!

The War on Terror has provided substantial increases in wealth, power, and control, for The Zionist Cabal, their "Tools", and Israel, via exponential debt increases, military spending, war reparations, domestic surveillances & restrictions, also from the US military eliminating Israel's enemies who had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 operation!

8. Over this last century - how was The Zionist Cabal able to orchestrate so much theft, murder, divisiveness, and destruction worldwide?

The Zionist Cabal and their "Tools" have a disproportionate control over Big Banks, MSM, Social Media, Hollywood, Military/Industrial, Big Pharma, Big Corporations, Big Tech, Big Oil, and Utilities – and U.S. Congress as explained by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney and Rep. James Traficant a true American Hero who was jailed and ultimately murdered for telling the truth!

Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1744-1812 - "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

Voltaire 1694-1778, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

9. Why does The Zionist Cartel suppress the price of Gold & Silver?

Leverage! Gold and Silver are Real Money. Whereas the Dollars, Yen, Euro, etc. are unbacked paper currencies created exponentially out of thin air. A rising Gold and Silver price is threatening to the confidence (con) in currencies and consequently is also threatening the profits that Zionist obtain via being able to leverage currencies. By having the ability to create currency out of thin air – The Zionist Cartel Bankers can also create debt out of thin air - enriching themselves instantly from interest income.

10. How does The Zionist Cartel and their "Tools" suppress Gold & Silver prices?

Naked Shorting is allowed to dictate the price of paper Gold & Silver futures "Fake" pricing then paper Gold & Silver futures market pricing is allowed to dictate the price of the "Real" physical Gold & Silver!

Significant demand for Real "physical" Gold & Silver, which would normally drive prices upward, is suppressed by the selling (naked shorting) an exponential amount of unbacked "Fake" paper Gold & Silver futures contracts.

11. How is having historical awareness of The Zionist Cartel and their "Tools" beneficial to Gold & Silver investors?

The relentless price suppression in the Gold & Silver markets by criminal Zionist Cartel bankers and facilitated by their collusive CFTC “Tools” has been psychologically and financially devastating for most Gold & Silver investors.

It is important to understand that The Zionist Cartel Gold & Silver criminal price suppression is miniscule in comparison to their documented history of Murder, Theft, and Societal Destruction via Unprovoked False Flag Wars, Exponential Debt Increases, Currency Devaluation, and their Globalist Agenda, etc.

12. Will Gold & Silver price suppression ever end?

It is unlikely that The Zionist Cartel and their "Tools" will cease Gold & Silver price suppression until a "run" on physical Gold & Silver, the collapse of the US Dollar, or when The Zionist Cartel decides it ends.

13. What is the significant advantage that individual Silver & Gold "traders" have over the corrupt Commercial Banks and Large Speculators!

The Price Suppression Racket is very costly and inefficient - cutting into the profits of both the Commercial Bankers and the Large Speculators!

Individual Gold & Silver traders have the significant advantages of being able to buy trading positions near bottoms (oversold conditions) and Sell or Short near tops (overbought conditions) - without the expense of price manipulation and hedging!

14. The Commercial Bankers and the Large Speculators are not as profitable as perceived!

Though the Commercials are maximum Short at cycle tops - they did NOT open all their Naked Short positions at the top! Price suppression required Commercials to open their Naked Short Silver positions all the way up in price. Conversely, the Speculators did not open all their Long positions at the bottom – they added to their long positions all the way up in price .

15. The simple solution is for individual Gold and Silver investors is to recognize and embrace the manipulative "Wash-Rinse-Repeat-Cycle” by buying Silver, Gold, and Miner trading positions nearest the bottoms and selling as nearest the tops as possible – then adding trading profits to core positions!

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Spot on

The metals price suppression will end only when the physical supply completely dries up. Unfortunately I am too old to think that I will live long enough to see the day. As long as the power to create currency is in the supressors hands we are at their mercy.

I miss my old dog.