Review: Lear Capital and Free Shipping Code

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Review: Lear Capital and Free Shipping Code

I got this coupon from their website directly. I have ordered from them in the past. I bought some gold sovereigns on the advice of Eric #1 who knows about these things and he is right, they are beautiful and fun to hold and play with.

Review of Lear Capital - This is the official code from their site - you need to order minimum $1500 to get the free shipping. It takes about 2 weeks for the personal check you send them to clear but then it comes fedex overnight in a heavy duty box with tons of foam. You could probably get it faster if you sent a wire but who wants to pay the bank $25 for that? I placed the order for my British Sovreigns online on their website ( ) and the price over spot was good according to Eric #1. So the procedure is, you place the order online and enter the coupon code. It takes the shipping down to $0. After submitting the order I got an email with instructions where to send a personal check or wire money. I sent a check. I got another email 2 days later when they got the check and again after 8 business days when the check cleared. I got a email and phone call with tracking info when the coins shipped. Advice - when you get the tracking number go on FedEx and tell them to "hold at facility" and redirect the package to the nearest Kinko's. Then you can go pick up the box whenever and not have to worry about missing the delivery guy or the delivery guy knowing where you live. The box comes in a plain fedex box with no return address that would give any clue whats in it. Inside is another box with tons of foam and the coins in a sealed cardboard inside that. It took me literally like 10 minutes to get the thing opened. Also they were pretty nice on the phone and explained the whole shipping process to me when I asked. So I had a real good experience with them and got some sovreigns cheaper than I could have got them anywhere else.

Code is A57FA

FREE SHIPPING & INSURANCE for new customers who place their first online gold or silver bullion order of $1500 or more. Please enter the certificate code A57FA during checkout. Offer valid for new customers only, up to $70 value, until 12/31/2011.

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