Bankers Declare War on Commodities, Written by Jeff Nielson

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Bankers Declare War on Commodities, Written by Jeff Nielson

Indeed, the entire basis for manipulating (i.e. suppressing) the price of gold for the last several decades has been to hide the relentless currency-dilution by the Western banking cabal. The reason the bankers need to hide such dilution is that it translates directly into simple theft: we deposit (or “invest”) our dollars with these banksters, and even after the pitiful return we get on our money, the dollars we get back are always worth less than the dollars we gave the bankers. To quote a young Alan Greenspan:

In the absence of a gold standard there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation [i.e. excessive money-printing].

Paper “fiat” currencies are humanity’s oldest Ponzi-scheme, and the current incarnation – the first global version in history – is about due to implode. Put another way, in the first 40 years of this Ponzi-scheme, the bankers have managed to reduce the value of our currencies by roughly 75% (thereby “confiscating” 75% of our wealth), and they are working even harder to destroy (i.e. steal) that last 25%.

This attack on the oil market, and by extension the entire commodities complex is as desperate as it is transparent. As with most manipulation of markets, any short-term benefits which are gained by bankers manipulating prices in accordance with their own, evil plans are lost when supply/demand fundamentals inevitably reassert themselves. Here even a Wall Street banker should be able to connect-the-dots.

As I mentioned earlier on, a drop in the price of oil is highly “stimulative” for all economies. What will this do? It will cause more economic activity, and more consumption all over the world, significantly increasing the demand for all commodities. Similarly, pushing down commodity prices inevitably impacts supply.

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