Royal Gold missed earnings again

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#1 Thu, Feb 6, 2020 - 10:54am
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Royal Gold missed earnings again

I was just talking about Royal Gold yesterday on the main page as it missed earnings last quarter by one cent and this quarter by two cents. The stock is down today at $109 from $112 yesterday. Earnings are up .58 per share this year compared to .36 last year and revenue is up 25% over last year. Seems pretty good to me YOY.

This whole analyst expected earnings is just another way the Comex pricing scheme makes things difficult for PM companies. Even for royalty companies like Royal Gold that have less daily type of exposures to losses a typical producer may have but at the same time their royalties they do get from those producers must fluctuate at times. Bottom line is I doubt any of these earnings analysts have much conception or consideration of the fraudulant pricing of the Comex that is the most important factor with any gold company. I guess Royal Gold should have bought back some shares and played that game.

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