Gold 1460..silver..$16.60...pre disasters levels

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#1 Wed, Jan 29, 2020 - 10:09am
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Gold 1460..silver..$16.60...pre disasters levels

Powers that be want to get everybody out if metals before the switcho / chango remarking of price.....has to be as unattractive as .this is what I would do....rig as many markets .print any amount of cash ...inject any amount to make this happen......

We cannot be swayed

make money...from from outside this system...keep buying good shares and buying physical and hold close by.. But when it hits fan we have to help others I am not in this for me ..but for family ,friends neighbours ,community.The exact opposite of wall St..I do not want to become Bankster..or Vulture capitalist..As Turd keeps taking about George Bailey...that's my model not Potter..otherwise what's the point.

I hope some of you feel the same