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Wesdome WDO, WDOFF

Wesdome reported 2019 production today and got hit 13.5%. Production at Eagle River up 25% Q4/Q4 and 31% YOY. Total production up 28% YOY due to decreased production at the Mishi open pit.

Ore milled at Eagle river down to only 46% Q4/Q4 and 66% YOY. This is not commented, but I imagine the amount of rock moved is unchanged and that non-gold bearing rock was removed to reach veins. AISC CAD$1,280-1,350 and realized price $1,853 (year) $1,954 (Q4).

Drilling continued at the Kiena complex in Val d'Or which has already over 400,000 oz in the M&I category.


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