You buy your silver with an instrument of fraud used by criminals to commit crimes globally.

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You buy your silver with an instrument of fraud used by criminals to commit crimes globally.

When the price of PM's are smashed as they have been for the last two days, the whining and crying are totally justified because if it were not for the criminals manipulating this market and taking extreme advantage of the summer weakness, we would be at a price way, way above the price we have now.  We should always express our outrage when we see malfeasance on this scale.  There are absolutely no fundamentals which justify this drop in the PM's, especially considering the verifiable fact that the dollar is worthless.  The worlds reserve currency is, without any doubt, the worst of them all by any standard with which the value of a thing might be measured.  These are desperate times for the EE and they will stop at nothing to preserve their power, they will break any law, change any rule, or pull any dirty trick to get their way.  QE or no QE, the low interest rates alone are just reason for the dollar to be losing value on a constant basis.  But, when you have the whole world into which you can dump this worthless instrument, you can get away with massive crime on an unprecedented scale never before witnessed in the whole of mankind's history.  Every dollar created out of thin air and then distributed to some place on the planet constitutes a theft.  It is for some good or service which has value exchanged  for a nothing worthless piece of paper.  No matter where you look, fiat debt currencies are robbing people all over the world, a crime of unspeakable proportions.   The manipulations of the price of gold and silver along with commodities in general, is just a small part of this incredible criminal enterprise and should be exposed at every opportunity, even if it means screaming from the rooftops every day.

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interesting, got this from the SGS blog...


1913 GOLD = $20.64
2011 GOLD HIGH = $1563.20

$20.64 / $1563.20 = -98.7% LOSS IN DOLLAR PURCHASING POWER

1913 SILVER = $0.58
2011 SILVER HIGH = $48.42

$0.58 / $48.42 = -98.8% LOSS IN DOLLAR PURCHASING POWER

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Don't Scream, Buy

Silver is cheap, buy all you can. The time for screaming is long past. Now's the time to hunker down and protect ourselves and all we love and that means trading the nearly worthless USD for hard money.

Yeah, the criminal cartel is pulling out all the stops. It's not new to me. I'm a VN vet, I  saw the power of the criminal class masquerading as political/military leadership as a teenager over 40 years ago, nothing's changed except they've become more brazen, hence more dangerous. I gave up yelling at them a long time ago.

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