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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 - 10:21am
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You are being 100% fucking brain washed....

Not me...says the little voice in my head.

I read Zerohedge. I'm aware.

You are being 100% brain washed.

All of you. Every minute of the day.

Were you perceptionally aware of that fact? Or did I just state something you haven't thought about? Don't resonate with? And never wondered how the information is coming in?

When you go on social media. Even your periphial vision is taking in information that you are unconscious of.

You are being brainwashed.

An aware person can override this invisible information to a large degree.

But information is always going in and unless you engage the information, and most people don't,

you are being brainwashed.

I estimate that Richard is one of the most perceptually aware, keen sense of observation of anybody that I've ever met and watched work. If you want to throw IQ data out....I'd put him over the top. Find somebody that you admire, add ten.

In addition, he is eccentric. None of you would act like he does in the video, not because you don't do it in the privacy of your own head, but one of your prime initiatives is to fit into the the box that society creates. Even the box that this group consciousness creates.

Beep, beep, beep, bow, bow, bow. I do that stuff.

The difference between an insane person is that he is not aware of these processes.

Why is Richard important in the context of the concept of a Zeitgiest.

Because he has stated in the past, unequivically, that a Zeitgiest will occur related to COVID.

The lies will be exposed. My fear is nature will rebel.

COVID exists. Everything else is 98 to 99% bullshit.

My wifes friend works in an emergency room of a very busy hospital in NYC.

They went to a party. They all drank from the same glass of wine. And days later they all tested positive for COVID

The symptoms she reported. Her taste wasn't as good as before. That's it.

The hosptial sent all the nurses a message. If you display no symptoms, come back to work. NOW.

But healthy people aren't allowed to go to work, congregate in bars and restaurants, theaters, malls etc, etc, etc,

It's all political bullshit. It's a control state.

I know big pharma. I worked in big pharma for 20 years. I know all the games. All the techniques. HOw they setup clinical trials. How they manipulate the outcomes of clinical trials. And I know how brainwashed the executives are up to the CEO office.

You give away your seniority as a thinking human when you get a pay check. The fear of loss of a pay check will make people sell their souls. I worked in the corporate world, but I ain't a corporate guy.

If you don't challenge your assumptions, as a trader, investor, not sure anybody left that enjoys political analysis or participates in it other than taking in what others say, if you don't challenge your assumptions on how the world works down to little insignificant things that you do, you and I probably aren't on the same wave length.

Richard I could hang with.

Dit dit dit da da. dot dot dash dahs......(you'll get it soon)

(20) Richard Bartlett's Message for April 20, 2021 - YouTube

Tue, Apr 20, 2021 - 11:37pm
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Brain washed and imprisoned

In beautiful BC starting Friday we're not supposed to travel outside of our health region for anything other than essential travel. The politicians said the police can stop and question but now it's been changed to roadblocks, similar to nabbing Christmas drinkers. BTW didn't that used to be a holiday celebrating a really important great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, or something. I think the police really don't want to get involved.

Then there was that recent celebration called Easter. If we would have had anyone other than my wife and myself inside our home breaking bread we would have been committing a mis-deamour.

Now that we're well into two weeks to flatten the curve from over 12 months ago we're running a 3 week circuit breaker. But it's been extended by 3 weeks to go beyond our long weekend, the week prior to Memorial Day. We celebrate Queen Vicky. Then it's only another 5 or 6 weeks to extend the circuit breaker lockdown past Canada Day.

The Federal government just came down with a budget. Deficit of $1 trillion for the past year. That's over $26,000 per person or over $100,000 per family of 4. But that's no problem. All property will be forgone or confiscated according to the leaked plan and all debts forgiven by the global world reset.

But that's just society. I got my patio tomatoes in yesterday. Our geese are back and the goose has been spending practically all day on the nest for the last 2 or 3 days. I noticed my second robin of Spring, third if I count the one I heard, and am trying to figure out why. They used to be extremely common in this area, in fact maximum density. Robins are not social birds, during mating season, and with several in a region they all maintain a minimum distance from each other. Then they disppeared for 5 or 6 years but now I'm seeing the occasional bird. Maybe it's some 6 year cycle. We have a woodpecker somewhere in a nearby small grove of trees and the chickadees are singing like crazy. All this would explode given an increase of habitat.

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ― Albert Camus

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 7:10am
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Ahh yes, the Garden Steve.

I'm a novice garderner but did full immersion of research the last two years. Since I was a kid, I was diggin' up the ground but wanted to do it right given the circumstance of society. But for it's own intrinsic value.

I'm a month and a 1/2 ahead of last year. All the greens are in the ground. Multiple varieties of lettuce, spinach, Italian brocolli rape, carrots, radishes, beets, three types of Chinese greens, and got the herbs going. Waited too long to sow some of the herbs so I'll just buy some from Home Depot and replant.

I have three windows filled with different varieties of tomatoe's and cucumbers because 1/2 the United States is going to be hit with a brutal cold spell. Winter is back and I ain't going to put my precious plants out to die.

And Norman showed me how he grows microgreens and that inspired me to set up a little spot in the yard and been shopping for bulk wholesale seeds, sunflower, rye and buckwheat, maybe a little wheatgrass. Many years ago I learned how to take the rye seeds and make a fermented drink that replinishes all the good bacteria in the body.

Garden is an extremely time consuming endeavor on top of family obligations, money earning endeavors and the obvious need for recreation.

The MExican guy down the street saw me in the park and shuffed a tennis racket in my hand thinking I couldn't womp on a ball because I was always reading books in the coffee shop. It has come to my attention that I don't have the wind that I did even three years ago. Better start working on that. And lots of sore muscles.

But then I digress into the personal realm.

Richard's commentary on COVID in his last view video's weren't really about COVID. His commentary on a Zeitgiest moment for society, again, wasn't about the future.

And maybe all of Normans very high level posts that filled this forum, and they put out for the last 9 years in the setup, weren't about "wokeness" or how cycles and natural law work in markets and society. Maybe, there was a hidden element intended to do the samething that the garden provides.

To understand oneself better and their connection to the macro.

To take years of conversations on this idea of natural law and bring it from the woo woo level, into a useable framework that actually enriches our life in the same way that nuturing a tomato from seed to fruit does for us.

One must exercise the body, especially as you get older, or it all falls apart. You can't escape it.

If one doesn't exercise ones mind, it all goes to mush. Moosh, moosh, moosh. Unless somebody has a secret I don't know.

If one doesn't have any creative muse, and it doesn't have to be music, art, writing or even market or geopolitical analys. It can be building things, fixing things etc....

Always the first question I'd ask in an interview. What do you do with your free time. The answers were depressing.

The creative element in man is what separates us from every other life form on earth and yet so many people let it go to waste.

If you can solve a problem in any areana in life, that skillset works itself into all other endeavors. The garden, fishing, sports, markets and peeling back the human condition.

whatever internal blocks you have in one thing will show up everywhere else including your relationships. Wife, children, friends.

Forums and message boards like Tfmetals, always open with a boom. Thousands upon thousands of people came to see. I call it the narscissitic phase of something new. And then all the excitement and novelty fizzes out except for those that engage the material which ends up being very very few..

And then the alchemical phase of dissolution sets in. There were at least two mass exoduses when the gold trade didn't materialize as expected. First, it was the people who traded and others who did cycles work couldn't engage with those who weren't able, and took no interest in these area's. they were not willing to engage with the other mindset that was a little more dogmatic or engaged only in some fundamental analysis that they picked up years ago from others.

Turd needs to be commended for keeping this site going for so long. Turd is a technical analyst. The strange thing is that not alot of people pay attention or understand. But dedicated gold and silver stackers want a place to socialize and get supported with other stackers. And for the most part the conversations have deterioated to social exchange. Ok, I guess everyone needs friends.

And fortunate for him, there are enough gold and silver bugs that need to be walked through the trade to keep it going because they need the resource.

This was a garden. It was a garden that people could feed their minds and learn new things. People refused the nutrition. They couldn't overcome their religious, parental and life conditioning.

If you weren't good at learning new things in your 20's and you went out into the work world and just collected your paycheck by the time you're in your 50's and 60's, it's too late.

It's not just the stackers that did this but it was the all the traders that left who thought they knew everything there was to know and walked away from a resource that they aren't going to find equal very easily. They won't even know where to look.

Nobody wanted their world views challenged. That's fear. We talk about greed and fear all the time in the markets in an impersonal way. It's us. It's me. It's you.

I've been walking this path my entire adult life. And it's obvious Norman has to and in the area of market and societal analysis, he took much further than most humans facing the earth.

The forums aren't dead because of sentiment in gold. IMO. They are dead because people weren't able to lift themselves up to the level of the material. The book room died as soon as it was started. That was an obviously clue along with many.

The material and the concepts still sound like ancient latin to many despite having these concepts paraded infront of their eyes for almost a decade. That's a holy shit epiphany for me.

Pete's charts are some of the best examples of pitchforks posted online. And the response, crickets. NObody understands and nobody asks, and nobody seeks out the information. No use for me to put out a chart when nobody really cares how to make informed buys.

It's obvious. People are not seeking information. They are not looking to nurture their minds. They want to be told exactly what to do and when to do it and they want to socialize with others of the same mind set.

My post on Cernovich attempted to display this division. He is not willing to engage people who are not willing to do their own work and make relevant and rich comments. So he said fuck them all. You ain't gonna bring me down. Righteous decision in my opinion

He has predicted this paradigm of sharing is dying. People who can will get together secretly with other people who can or desire to grow big juicy tomatoes. And the rest can go to the supermarket and buy their wares from somebody else.

Gold and silver could go to $0 and it wouldn't effect my sentiment that much. Because my sentiment is NOT connected to any investment. It's connected to my sense of purpose, getting on my hands and knee's and digging through the soil, putting all the right nutrients in and participating.

We just went through and continue to go through a societal turning point the size of Jupiter (big planet). The collective used to get worked up over Obama bringing Sharia law to the United states. Never happened. The collective couldn't rise to the challenge of piercing through these events in a non-emotive way which is a receipe for ruining sentiment.

Richard's message was simple. Take your seniority back. If the price of gold, and events outside of yourself in society effect your sentiment that much, you really shouldn't be on a forum interacting with people and telling people what they should do with their money because you do it, and you heard some guy with a youtube channel tell you to do it.

Richard isn't a geopolitical analyst. He is a teacher. He teaches people how to how to disconnect from the matrix and unshackle themselves from their own self imposed slavery. Most people will never do it because it's too damn scary and too damn hard.

Steve, it's all a garden. People make consciousn decisions to eat from the garden or eat junk food. En masse, they refused.

They stole the election IMO. They politicized COVID to take our rights and our wealth away. They ruined all our movies and tv shows, they burn books, they lie. Sure, death, plaques and poverty is nothing new. HOw you engage with this field will determine your level of seniority, self -sufficiency. self mastery. The truth is they hid all the tools that you need to engage this field, and 99.9% only encountered them for the first time. HERE.

Me thinks that 99% of the readership was here for the entertainment value.

Of course I'm right. And most realize they weren't able to engage at this level because what was once hidden is now plain insight. Nobody wants to be the guy that is not the enlightened one. But until people realize they aren't even close and admit honestly their failings, they will never get there. I do it. Honesty is not easy.

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 9:09am
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hahahahaha amazing timing

Amazing timing released today, that plays straight into my emotional post yesterday. Never heard about a Sigma male before, but there are bits and pieces in there that is sooo me ...

Sigma males hates it when ...

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 9:47am
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Never heard of a Sigma male

Never heard of a Sigma male before.

I fit at least 80 % of the descriptions.

The majority of these qualities are Uranian archetype.

People with hard aspects between Sun and Uranus don't like bullshit.

Inventive, creative, need to constantly test their theories etc....

Don't live stable ordinary existences where the rest just want to relax into their comfortable, stable lives,

Quirky, eccentric.. Always needs to change. Rebels against societal standards..

Can come off as cold and insensitive to others feelings but driven by the need to give service to the collective and perform and research, invent, for the greater good. The people in society, in your town, in your city, in your family that make the difference that everyone follows.

The cycle of Uranus is the primary motivation from where we get the generational tendencies.

The next generation boomers are being born NOW!!

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 11:32am SteveW
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brainwashed and "sleeping"

I believe this is an old Chinese proverb: "you cannot wake someone who is pretending to be asleep".

They do gladly accept the brainwashing.

It is easier to go with the flow and ignore difficult facts that challenges the perceived reality. Too much effort for the average brainwashed (great unwashed) working /not-working-fully-UBI'd stiff.

A colleague of mine said that he gave up trying to speak to others because they are lost and fully integrated into the matrix. I just told him not to stop trying, because if we can't convince enough people of what is happening, we will go down with the rest of them. There isn't enough critical mass to flip the direction of events in our favour. Maybe I'm just wrong as usual.

The Matrix Restaurant Scene

Unfortunately, there cannot be just one Neo.

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 11:53am Green Lantern
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Nice post!

Besides inertia that carries people in the direction of their own history, to keep doing the same things they have always done, there is also inability to focus long enough to analyze.

Today's technology trains "the viewer" to be non-participatory, reductionist and shallow rather than to be "a thinker" who is open to analysis and questioning. The language is headed towards the 1984-style newspeak. Amazing how 1984 turned out to be an operational manual for enslavement.

Personally, I haven't the time to frequent the forums but should do so more often :)

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 2:36pm
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Thanks for the feedback and

Thanks for the feedback and validation mrcic.

I've seen people dissociated in less than one minute once you bring up a topic that's foreign to them.

Therefore the collective leans toward going back to the same comfortable patterns

The scene you posted, one of my favorite in a movie I could watch over and over again.

It is easier to go with the flow and ignore difficult facts that challenges the perceived reality.

You bet! I've heard every excuse. Here is the list I was given many years ago. This does not include all the ways the matrix controls you to distract from you from ever looking where it is important. Many of those games coming from religious institutions.

(1) Denial of reality, or protecting oneself from unpleasant reality by refusing to face it, by getting sick or occupied with other things.

(2) Gratifying frustrated desires in imaginary achievements.

(3) Attempting to prove that one's behavior is rational, justifiable, and worthy of self- and social approval.

(4) Placing blame for difficulties upon others or attributing one's own unethical desires to others.

(5) Repression, preventing painful or dangerous thoughts from entering the mind.

(6) Preventing dangerous desires from being expressed by exaggerating opposed attitudes and behavior, and using them as barriers.

(7) Regression, retreating to earlier development levels tha t require less matur e responses.

(8) Identifying oneself with persons or institutions of illustrious standin g to gain a feeling of worth.

(9) Covering up weaknesses or making up for frustration in some area of emotional life by emphasizing desirable traits.

(10) Discharging pent-up feelings of hostility on something that is less dangerous than those who may strike back.

(11) Reducing involvement and withdrawing into passivity to protect oneself from emotional injury.

(12) Presenting a logic-tight argument against anything that might separate one from his own beliefs and religious attitudes, especially when it seems to be harmful to one's ego.

(13) Bolstering one's ego for self-worth despite failure, by seeking sympathy from others.

I don't claim to have defeated the beast from within for from it. That's a lifetime journey, but some of them are crossed off the list.

It's much easier trading gold without this baggage.

Bartlett doesn't need to brand himself as a geopolitical analysist. Because he understands the principle of a Zeitgiest because he has an innate understanding of Human Nature, morphic fields and all those big words people have first encountered here. You can understand the same principles from a personal level or a social level.

The agreement on tfmetals is that we will look at it from a social/collective level. It's up to you to own it on a personal level.

We, you are society. The unsavory characteristics of society that all we go on inside us. But it's hidden down at a level we don't recognize so we think our hands are clean of all the shit that's going on out there.

I guarantee these dysfunctional patterns are in your business, and in your family because it's Human Nature. These are the patterns that create our illnesses!! Old news...Bruce Lipton, Candice Pert etc...

What was the dysfunctional patterns of society that created "wokism" and "SJW' It's a reaction to something. An abreaction, abnormal reaction for sure, but nevertheless something created it. Worth considering.

George Floyd and Derick whatever his name... These are narratives that are actually in our DNA that are connected to the distant past. Revolutionary thing to say? The people in the street are reacting based on old genetic memories they are playing out on an unconscious level.

I believe we could take down the bankers. We could end the game of manipulation. We could control the trade. We don't need no stinkin' lawyers. And I believe most of the information and resources to do that have been distilled.

In psychology, there is something called a secondary gain that exists on the unconscious level.

If a person is fat, and eats, eats, eats. There is actually a hidden motivation to stay that way because getting thin expresses a threat.

In the same way, it's the group consciousness that allows these games to continue by their reactions. There is a secondary gain by the victims to keep this pattern in place. I have to find ways to circumvent it because the collective is not ready to step up.

There I said even if not one of you believe it.

Mon, Apr 26, 2021 - 1:38pm
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The Mass Media Will Never Regain The Public's Trust

argentus maximus

Rhythm and Price

This analyst - global markets

Mon, Apr 26, 2021 - 1:39pm argentus maximus
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Yes they will. But it will be

Yes they will. But it will be a different media and it will cost a lot to achieve.

argentus maximus

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Fri, Apr 30, 2021 - 1:13pm
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There's a cost to learning to

There's a cost to learning to think. Cognitive dissonance is only one aspect. I think time is possibly a larger constraint to most, and lack of interest isn't that much further behind.

By nature, I read. My eyeballs are always scanning something and I've been that way since I was a child. I know no one else IRL who has such tendencies. But I rarely read "for the whole story" because I only see data points.

Truth can only be approximated. There are a lot of accounts and interpretations of events. I tend to look for an approximation to the truth and test that by observation over time. I just stop reading information from people and organizations who are nearly consistenty wrong, and focus more on those who tend to be shown correct.

But this view of the world requires a relatively large amount of time, and long term observations. I don't know many who look at the world the same, so I suppose it's an inate perception.

I can't really criticize people who seem to be lazy with their views until they become overly combative. Mass media has tried gaslighting in their comments, which is an overt reaction to combat different viewpoints. The more common response now is to simply block comments, sort of a covert hostility.

Can mass media ever be trusted again? I don't think so. There are too many independent people who tell the truth for a hobby, some of who have come to make a living at it.

But there is always the danger of centraliztion of "truth". IMO, the more voices the better. Mass media is by nature centralized. Truth telling will be selected in a Darwinian manner, but it will hardly be identified by casual consumers of news. Lies will be starved out, and only the fit will eventually survive.

Not all frustrated independents will hunker down in their enclaves. There is always a market for the truth.

Tue, May 4, 2021 - 8:27am
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This will emerge into visibility over time

Mainstream media are beginning to feature ctiticism of wokism.

This is a precurser to wokeism soon becoming unfashionable, and the grifter NPC followers of it drifting away to the next big moral panic (which might be climate emergency/climate panic/climate right now/climate crisis).

This follows the drying up of anti Trump expenditure by corporations, NGOs, and international political influencers, after which MSM are loss making and are aware of a catastrophic loss of audience.

So bet on a swing away from woke towards the next herding meme, the movement of political spending, its reduction on aggragate, and consequences such as media/idea shops shifting ideology to try to scoop up a share of reducing moneyflow.

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Tue, May 4, 2021 - 9:08am
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Search engine funnelling for authoritative source protection

Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive

The final sentences, from 7:30 to end are paramount in understanding the structure of the artificial reality of NPC people and their periodic information uploads.

There's something about the cadence of the reader of the text that bugs my comprehension. The voice doesn't match the flow of the writer in a subtle way that jars.

If you are like me in this, the original text link is below and it can be read in a quarter of the time, allowing for rereading prior parts that elevate in relevance.

Note: in general, this is a leftist source calling out suppression of the left. Not the usual perspective that people of the right ie precious metal stackers, see given modern attention digital funnelling technology. But I'm sure the message is really familiar.

Does this mean I'm "that side adjacent" to all Caitlin says. Not at all. But she is right here in this and I pass it on because of that, and because I get info from both sides.

argentus maximus

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Fri, May 7, 2021 - 9:11am
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Tim Pool

Tim Pool


I'd like to say I predicted this but I thought the armed groups patrolling would be right wing

Well most anarchists I've encountered have no love for either the left or the right.

Don't think this guy is antifa. No black uniform. Red stickers on his truck, one with red, white, blue,

And I don't think he has shovels in that trunk in back.

He was ambushed, he had no escape route. He had no back up to ambush what should be an anticipated ambush every time you're out on the street.

And then he pulls a gun while surrounded by armed men?

I don't want to be in his army if his revolution can be twarted that easily.

Tim's larger point that the establishment will begin turning against you is on point.

Right about.... now.

Twitter is doubling down against Trump by removing some other unused account. (show) as Trump comes back with his own blog.

Both sides are going to continue to double down, and NOW comes the escalation. Every move will be counter moved until it escalates into overt taking enemies out when the informational warfare doesn't work.


The guy on the right, a trader that I follow who used to work in the trenches on Wall STreet. Sharp guy. You can tell these things

On the left his younger brother.

Good looking family. And nice guy too!

Weed is legal in Arizona now, a few years too late, because his brother on the left was was killed for growing small amount of weed by the Tempe AZ Swat team. An F'ing SWAT team because of what was in his garden. That's establishment psycopathy.

Police Overkill: The Shooting of Medical-Marijuana Dealer John Wheelihan | Phoenix New Times