Plotting the Course of The Zeitgeist

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Plotting the Course of The Zeitgeist

If we look around we see not where we are, but the obvious signs of where we were.

Where we are now will be revealed soon, but it is not clear, not transparent as yet.

The markets, in which we invest, trade, and our assets are priced are not predicated upon the now.

Nor are the markest priced based upon the near future either. You see - the obvious changes are priced in already.

What is not priced in are :

- unexpected and sudden changes that become "revealed", but insiders were acting to price them in already, in advance of the general market

- the ongoing process of "crystallization of the course of the zeitgeist".

What I mean by the second is this: the movers and manipulators are motivating the crowd. They seek advantage for themselves from this. eg When Edward Bernays paid women to flout their cigarettes, and call them, "torches of freedom", and paid shill media to cover those comments with articles, headlines, photographs of the pretty actresses, generations of women were motivated to begin smoking, something previously considered a dirty habit.

History took a turn as a result. Money flowed from women, towards tobacco corporations. Health services suffered costs and lives were shortened. The PRopaganda, PR (public relations moniker) business took a leap forwards. Money moved and some people paid with cash, savings, happiness, eventually oftentimes with their life.

So what did Bernays do? He shifted the course of the zeitgeist in a small way for the benefit of a big client.

That is what this forum thread is about. Noting the evolution of changes to the course of the zeitgeist. NOT SIMPLY NOTING THE ZEITGEIST!

Society is like a ship cutting through ice. The ice represents uncertainty of the future. The battlefront for society takes place at the leading edge. The bow of the ship of society. Every time fresh ice breaks, (uncertainty dissolves into transparency) enabling forwards motion of society. The direction may be continuation of what it was before, or it may be modified a little this way, or modify a little that way. Sometimes events accellerate or decellerate. (Changes rapidly vs stability)

The modifications not yet observed by the general market are opportunity. Sometimes it will be short term, other times longer term. Sometimes it will be a false alert intended to create mispricing of an asset by some interested party.

So to kick things off:

Here is some unusually fair legacy media coverage (globalist EU controlled BBC) of old corrupted parties arguing with each other as new democratic parties prepare to replace them. Whether the future will be wonderful or terrible ( and no established power ever left voluntarily or quietly ) these people ( old left, old right, their media ) are making change attractive.

The court was wrong Boris Johnson tells MPs – BBC News
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