Ready for liftoff to 50% Fib

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#1 Thu, Aug 1, 2019 - 5:09pm
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Ready for liftoff to 50% Fib

I've heard that's 1483. 1460 seems in the bag at this point, heck it may be there before the start of the next day. The specs do seem hell bent on pushing it up. Lets hope their is a corresponding BIG rush into physical. Any Indian jewlers who held out will have to capitulate and start buying - so that's one source.

Also ETF inflows is another. As Andrew McGuire has said the push to 1500 can come fast once these technical levels are breached. Because of the supression scheme, the inherent value is under represented, and now nobody is so fast to pull the trigger and lease out gold anymore. Crooks like BIS save their firepower for a later date because once they know they put out gold in the market, they are never going to see it again.

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