ATTN: Indian Jewlers - snooze you lose

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#1 Thu, Aug 1, 2019 - 4:59pm
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ATTN: Indian Jewlers - snooze you lose

The smart ones got in at 1402. Any fool could see the cartel refused to push it lower than that. In fact, in last night's setup, the spec algo's retreated intentionally and let the bottom fall out. I'm sure the cartel covered as much into the weakness they could. It seemed like the specs WANTED to let a breech of 1400. There must have been some large sized physical contracts sitting at that price. Which facilitated the beginning part of today's rally. (i.e. the HARD part).

Their algo guys are top notch too. You can see where the patterns they carve out and neutralize the cartel's algos is impressive. Every now and then,, you can see where the programmer has to step in and manually 'correct' a crappy algo execution.

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