Ranting Andy: 2008 Revisited

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Ranting Andy: 2008 Revisited

Isn’t it funny how gold is ALWAYS waterfall declining, essentially every day now? Yet somehow it keeps coming back and hits new all-time highs (never rising more than 1% in a day, of course).

Anyhow, to the point of this article, the reason the evil ones are so desperate is because we ARE on the verge of MELTDOWN II, only this time it will be much worse because the money-printing/propaganda/fraudulent accounting/political stiff arming has been spent, and this time around it is not the BANKS that will be the center of the collapse (don’t worry, they’ll still be there), it is the GOVERNMENTS themselves.

They KNOW this is happening (NOW, not in a year or two), and are thus DESPERATE to try and engineer the same type of “deflationary scare” as in 2008-09 (which included a violent, illegal paper attack on gold and silver, contrary to the propaganda that PMs sold off due to “liquidation”). They need to maintain the PERCEPTION that gold and silver are just “industrial commodities” and that only the “dollar” and Treasury Bonds are safe havens, which is why they are attacking so hard right now. Gold has been rising for weeks while stocks have declined, so they will do ANYTHING they can to turn those perceptions around.

But they will fail, no matter how hard they try to attack. This time around, the world’s smart money will not be deceived, knowing full well that the END GAME this time around will be the failure of fiat currencies to maintain value against REAL MONEY, so it is only a matter of time, in my view a 99.9% chance THIS YEAR (never say 100%), before the paper rigging game ends with soaring gold and silver prices.

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