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PSLV on the NYSE..

I'm new to silver and holding some physical silver and moved part of my RRSP into this fund. Anybody here with any insights to this? I'd buy more physical with the money but it's locked in, otherwise a withdrawl would be a 30% tax taken off =(

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It would help.....

....to know your investment objective.

Silver may not be the best play for long term.

The Sprott fund has a premium to NAV.

One of my favourites that doesn't get much talk here is

BMG Bullion Funds

Canadian, open-ended, and technically a mutual fund.  No premium to NAV.  There may be a holding limit from when you first purchase the fund, it's been awhile since I bought it.

My favourite inside their portfolio is BMG100, a mix of gold, silver and platinum.  It has been in existence 10 yrs.


Swing trade indexed ETFs. Long physical gold, silver, and 1 miner.

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