Republicans continue their fight to save tax favours for corporations and the wealthy

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Thu, Jul 7, 2011 - 2:01am
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The proving ground

If this political thread does anything it proves this country went full tilt after 9/11. Lady liberty has been in complete meltdown since, that day we fulfilled a country divide........R vs L, Red vs Blue, Dem vs Rep, the list is add nauseam.

We got what they wanted, we divided ourselves at our own expense arguing over nothing, attending to nothing, seeing nothing, hearing nothing.

We allowed our treasures in life and coin to be devoured without an utter whimper, not once but twice, they sent us to the malls to spend, spend and spend more, all is OK, we got this.

Psst, need more money, come this house, no question's ask, just sign here, when you do, you can sign another and we will give you 50K more cuz your new house is good for it.....Trust Me, you can afford it.

Huston, we got a problem, Johnny cant afford that house we financed, I thought he could, after all, he was making 8 bucks an hour and the loan was only 400k, we only bumped the rate to 11%.

Rampart, this is Tiny Tim, get Bernake to the emergency room, we need Dr's D&R from the hill, the patient will die without total stimulation............infuse patient with 2 trillion cc's of fiat, we have over 300 million donors, its not a problem, if we run out, use the synthetic presses we can draw it out later when the patient starts making their own.

Today the patient was saved, our efforts were just, we brought it back from the brink. We apologize for the inconvenience of the temporary loss of 20+ million jobs, this patient was priority one. If you are having trouble eating, we have an EBT card, it's good for food you need, and you can sell some food for pop and cigs, one could even get cheeky and end up with some feel good pills, don't worry about addiction, big Pharma has your back.......sure we will pay, todays government is user friendly.

Did I hear you want some change, let me see what I have in my pocket for you today...ahh yes here it is......would you like fries with that?.........It's hard work I tell you, it's really hard work.

And the band played on.