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#1 Tue, Jun 5, 2018 - 1:06am

Belmont 2018

This is it. If justify gets beat it's gonna be here. He really regressed last race. He had three on his tail in the slop. A few more feet they would have ran over him.

We have no idea how any of these guys will handle 12 panels. It's the first and last time they will run it.

So who training good. Hofburg is out of the spotlight. He's working on a difficult track that's not groomed for racing yet. Ignore the times.

Gronkowsi is taking to Belmont like a fish does to water. He's floating over the surface. Pats fans may bet him down but he's getting little respect from Europe or anywhere else.

Tenfold had a jerky workout but the first time he's worked without draw reins. Otherwise he was fine.

Justfy threw his rider on Saturday - not a good sign.

Blended citizen is moving well too ...

Free drop billy I don't like but he has the pedigree. He hasn't shown any reason all season to be in here

vino Russo I doubt gets the distance

bravazo .... He's a mudder on top and bottom. He ran huge last week. It may have taken too much out of him.

Have to see who else confirms ... Field isn't set yet.

Pure Speed doesn't win this race ... Steady cruising speed does