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New design comments

I guess it’s the latest thing because I see other sites going to this design.

It must be good for mobile because it takes much away from the laptop experience.

And it takes away from the mobile experience as well. Mostly it takes away branding. These sites all look the same. When I am looking across my open tabs it was easy to see which board was which, for instance this one was predominantly yellow, another site a blue and another red and so on.

Now they are like a pile of loose papers. All white around the edges and with typefaces or fonts that are...not differentiating.

With regard to ease of reading, it’s a mixed bag. Maybe use some different fonts for different purposes so I can use other parts of my brain to navigate rather than having to read for comprehension and decide every time.

Looking forward to all the design types (folks with an understanding of design for ease of use) getting a handle on the new lowest common denominator and thinking about how people perceive and process information beyond words.

One thing I could use help with. When I opened the site up on my iPad I declined the cookies. I now understand that may affect my access to all the site has to offer. How can I change that? (Safari Browser)

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