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Early odds

Are so important. Tenfold is at 2-1. That early money is the connections. You ever see a horse above 20-1 hour se before the race that's the connections saying " not today" 

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Screw the little guys

Any co ownership should be a coupled entry. That's just one of many ways the screw the player and reward the owner. They have a chance at two checks. Meanwhile you have no idea who they are sending to win. 

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Has NEVER run thru good horses, meaning he hasn't split them. He also never ran a decent last 1/2. Think his best is 50.1 .... He super primed today but still digging those toes in the dirt. He's also never cut thru two turns 

They made the crown for pharaoh so why not justify. Pharoah was a good horse not a great horse. Same shit shaping up here. I'd never breed to either. 

They are sealing pimlico now ... Means they are squeezing the water out not harrowing it out. Giving unfair advantage to the front runners . They are creating a strong bias ... 2 lanes out its a lake. 

Coach is up to something he's sending both bravos and promises fullfilled from the start/jump. He's been practicing it for 2 weeks. Bravados ran a damn fine derby in the deepest mud every step. Plus unlike every other one he's kept training them. 

Churchill scraped every bit of dirt on the inside off. Pimlico doing the same. 

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Vets checks out. Exactly who mixes those compounds ? The hot walkers? 

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Justify won - barely

he's not scaring anyone off in the Belmont... Bravado was a close second and tenfold right there too. Big regression in a short field. 

They walked the dog .... 2.more jumps and he loses. Tenfold will have NO problem getting 12panels. Only be his 4th start. Coach just missed it. Brown won't enter his again cuz he  knows good magic was over maxed at 10 furlongs - no way in hell hes getting 12.... 

Tenfold can gallop 2 miles - big engine. He just a short yearling and wasn't ready...he will be now. 

that wasn't justify that cut the 45 sec half in the derby it was promised fulfilled. 

Watch at 32 seconds from last to first #3 in the blue and white checkered blinkers ----- this is greatness. Finest 1/4 ever run. Undrugged to boot. 

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Everything is fixed from biggest to smallest.

We are faced with shit everywhere and in every walk of life. No fun out there in honest competition. The real question is what is next? The honest people in Germany kept their mouths shut. How that work out? Played for 70 yrs for reparations by international banker dirtbags. Really what is next?



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Cant disagree..

onky thing is justify looks done. Full field for the belmont, hat's means big money

after a while you get to know the cheaters. A lot of decent folks in the sport too. Coach ran a damned good race with a claimer level horse.

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How to dope a horse

It made The Economist:

THE best-known doper of this century rode on two wheels. But horses, as well as humans, can be drugged to enhance or tarnish their performance. This month eight people linked to a now-defunct racing stable in Australia were found guilty of charges related to the doping of horses over seven years from 2010. One prominent trainer, Robert Smerdon, and two of his stable hands were banned for life. They had administered illegal “top-ups” of sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, which reduces the buildup of lactic acid in muscles, allowing horses to run for longer without tiring. A state authority called it the worst scandal in Australia’s racing history. What, then, is equine doping? 

Some potions, such as tranquilisers, calm highly strung horses. Others are meant to speed them up. Roman chariot racers were said to have nurtured their steeds with honeyed water. By the early 20th century, thoroughbreds were fuelled with rather stronger stuff: caffeine and cocaine. Trainers have since experimented with Viagra, energising opioids, drugs that dilate airways, and unlicensed concoctions such as “blue magic”, which is thought to boost cardiovascular function. Racehorses are injected with EPO, the blood-doping hormone that undid Lance Armstrong, and fed cobalt, which also increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Several trainers have been sanctioned for dosing horses with anabolic steroids, which can make them stronger and faster over the long-term, not just on a race day......


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Captain K

baking soda is an old and effective drugging. We call it milkshaking. 

Pain control is important. We call that racehorse lame cuz they are ALL lame. I personally use bute it's an antiinflamatory like aspirin or an NSAIDs. Illegal on race day but helpful for comfort while training. Legal to train on as well. 

Epo causes red ogxyen carrying blood cells to reproduce quickly . Necropsies show blood that looks like jello. 

All trainers love lasix cuz intense exertion causes the remainder of the illegal substance to be sweated out. Even when the horse isn't a bleeder. 

You gotta be a chemist in this biz. Drugs I might train on have to be out of the stystem on race day and withdrawal dates vary. 

But when the lab doesn't know what to look for is the problem. Cobra venom is one. Diluted it acts as a numbing agent. Steroids another big problem. broncodialotirs can easily shave several seconds off time. 

There are many it depends on the animals weakness.  

Our current favorite has muscles like hulk hogan and he's only been in training a few month. Lame at 8am. 24 hours later nada. Steroids affect bone growth plates. Carrying that much weight on brittle bones causes breakdowns. The silver fox has several die or breakdown yearly. 

it's all so ugly.... I don't need to read it but I might. Cuz of the big push to co mingle all sports betting. S

edIt: too funny cuz the guy who owns that rag employs every chemist he can find to train his. 

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If the Belmont was on saturday

I'd be putting down a huge bet against the fav. 

Im fairly certain I still will be. They completely ruined this classic series. 

But it's too much too pass .... 

Btw he was sold for 60 million plus massive bonuses if he wins. I think coolmore has lost their minds. Chump change compared to the art work they sold. 

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