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#1 Mon, Mar 5, 2018 - 9:06pm

KY derby 2018

Two top notch colts worked bullets ( fastest time clocked for the day) training up to the 3/10/18 San Felipe. Bolt d'oro and Mckinzie both went the first 1/4 23 and change.

Mckinzie went 7furlongs and I couldn't see a thing wrong with the baffert trainees work. He moved willingly and fluidly. Just what you want to see right now.

Bolt d'oro a very talented colt in need of a trainer. Currently being trained by jack ass owner mike ruis worked 6f. He's coming off a non serious surgery to remove bone chips. It's a slow healing surgery and I'm not fond of blow out works anyway. I didn't like his rhythm and ears pinned back. He did show better speed breaking off from his lead pony than he has before. I see no improvement over last year so far.

Entries are still open so not much else to say yet.

Good magic last years 2 yr old champ was 3rd last week. No concerns as he's been off for almost 4 months and he wasn't cranked. He just tired the last furlong and wasn't pushed hard either. It was at oaklawn and track was slow and tiring. It was a workout for him really.

Tenfold a pony I really like but don't see how they can get him ready for the derby. He's a running fool tho.

Next few weeks will show the contenders.