New Health Drink - for my dumb ass who picked mangos and got Mango Sap "poisen ivy"

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New Health Drink - for my dumb ass who picked mangos and got Mango Sap "poisen ivy"

I, like a dumb ass, picked a couple green mangos for my kids and got Mango sap all over myself. I got a rash caused by a reaction to Urushiol. This substance is found in the sap of mangoes. It causes a severe rash, just the same as poison ivy. Anyway, I have been on natural cure kick trying to sort this out. I thought I might share as something to keep in the back of the mind if anyone is a prepper and likes these things.

I made a drink based on what I have found and it seems to be helpful.


Apple Cider Vinegar - 1- 2 Tbsp

Honey - to your taste

Cayenne pepper. as much as you think you can handle. I just pour it in

Lime/Lemon - I have been using a full lime

Mix and drink.

Note: If you or someone you know is having a heart attack, stroke or other blood blockage, you can pour a tincture made from Cayenne and HOT water down their throat and within moments they will be back on their feet.

A quick google search shows this link which talks about making a tincture with Vodka and storing it.

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