Silver-Coin Sales Boom at Perth’s Mint as Mums and Dads Desert Paper Money

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Silver-Coin Sales Boom at Perth’s Mint as Mums and Dads Desert Paper Money

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Hey Shill... if i may add to

Hey Shill... if i may add to that...

June 22, 2011, Chuck Butler, Currency Guy (bullish on PMs)

Let’s talk about Gold & Silver… Especially Silver, for Gold has held its own against the dollar the last two months… Silver is the metal that’s taken a devastating body blow in price. I’ve gone through all the things that I thought was more responsible for Silver’s decline, a few times, so I won’t go there again… Instead, let me tell you why I continue to believe that Silver will outperform Gold again. I had already told you about the San Francisco mint pulling the dust covers off their presses, as the demand for Silver coins had gotten too much for the mint in Annapolis to handle… Well…

The Perth Mint in Australia is reporting the same kind of demand for Silver coins… Silver coin sales at the Perth Mint surged to a record 10.7 million 1-ounce Silver coins in the past year! That’s 10-fold the volume of just 5 years ago!

So… industrial metal, investment metal, and in huge demand… So… how’s the supply? Ahhh grasshopper, that’s a key question here, for if there’s ample supply to meet the demand, the price will remain stagnate… Well.. first, I’ve heard it said that there is 5 times more Gold on earth than Silver… but Gold sells for more than 42 times Silver?

And while the amount of silver mined each year goes higher, it hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand… So… while there are all these geopolitical events going on in the world, holding a store of wealth, is becoming an idea that I always hoped would take hold with investors… and there was one other thing I was going to talk about, but darn-it, it has slipped my mind! UGH! Maybe I’ll remember it later, and talk about it tomorrow…


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