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Ok folks....you bought a rifle ...now what?

how about LEARN how to use it safely and effectively !

you can do this by attending an Appleseed. What is an Appleseed? it is a weekend long, way family friendly, rifle marksmanship and American heritage clinics that are held all over the country...bet there is one close to you. Appleseed is for all levels of shooters but it is especially a great place for someone to brush up on skills or to come to as a noob. Over the weekend you'll learn safety, traditional shooting positions, how to zero your rifle, Natural point of aim, how to use a sling and about the everyday people and events of April 19th 1775 . Most of the shooting is done at 25 yrds so a .22 rifle works great and is cheap to feed for the weekend.

Appleseed is a non for profit all volunteer organization.


Free for active Military (incld guard and reserve) and spouses, and Law enforcement officials

Almost free for those under 21 ($5) and women ($10)

Dad's and non dads over 21 it is $70

and ya get a T shirt

depending on the location there may be additional range fee that is charged by the hosting range.

This is two whole days worth of instruction and personal attention that if you practice with give you skills to shoot out to 500 yrd consistently. Appleseed is NOT a high speed/low drag door kicking operator course. Appleseed is all about distance fundamentals. The type of skills that were once taught to your grandfather. It isn't fancy or gimmicky it just works and works well and is an excellent base to build on.

Appleseed only teaches two things ..rifle marksmanship fundamentals and American History we are "A" political and will not discuss modern politics at an event or tell you who to blame or vote for but we will encourage participants to get up off their couch and get informed and be a citizen... use the rights that were dearly paid for that often unfortunately most take for granted

check out more here: www.appleseedusa.org

or ask me.....I am an instructor for the program.


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Wed, Jun 22, 2011 - 1:38pm
Pax Argentum
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+1 for the Appleseed program.

+1 for the Appleseed program. It's all that.

Don't be 'that guy' with an expensive AR under your bed with less than 10 rounds through it.

Just because you own it doesn't mean the Bill of Rights is safe.

It's a tool, not a guarantee of liberty. Get out there and learn how to use it and maybe, just maybe you'll have a little fun as well as learn what happened on April 19th, 1775.


Wed, Jun 22, 2011 - 4:03pm Pax Argentum
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Well said Pax... I didn't

Well said Pax...

I didn't mention that in addition to being great it is also a ton of fun plus the folks you meet couldn't be nicer AND they might even be your neighbor ! In fact BRING your neighbor. An Appleseed weekend is an experience. I NEVER shot a rifle in my life and was a semi asleep American when I went in '07 and now look at me...I had such a great time I am telling the TF horde 4 years later and giving up weekends with my family to teach. Trust me on this one...you won't regret it.