Off Grid Energy

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Off Grid Energy

I am changing tactics and have two brand new, in the crate, Lister type 18 HP single cylinder engines. If you know anything about these engines, you know how old school reliable and easy to work on they are. You also know they can be ran on all kinds of oil, diesel fuel, used motor oil, and also work great with wood gasification systems. These engines are two of ten imported into the United States two years ago as "kits" to avoid EPA restrictions.

Each engine has its own custom wound 9kw brushless generator head. I can deliver to the western US for $1 per mile.

Im asking $6000 each or $11k for both, but I am open to offers and trading.

PM me for more info and pictures.

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May I ask?

What tactic you are changing to?

I will make the argument that solar is the best long term off grid generation.  The one limiting factor that still inhibits soar going mainstream is storage.  While the technology is ok, the cost of ownership on storage is still very high.  Residentially, the batteries would need to be replaced before they paid for themselves sans inflation.

Solar panels are a no-brainer.  Many people are able to generate 100% offset of their grid usage with today's panel outputs and micro inverters.  With the 30% ITC and in many states, state incentives, again, sans inflation, the panels will pay for themselves in 7 to 12 years.

What is interesting about solar, in my mind, is that it is an income producing asset that appreciates in value as the price of electricity increases.  If you looked at the levelized cost per kWh over 20 years side by side with utility power increasing at 2%, if nothing ever happens where the grid goes down, solar energy wil be far cheaper than the utility co.

Back to storage.  The 30% ITC is set to sunset, and there is some talk on the corrupt federal level, along with the corrupt state level, of passing some incentives for storage instead of generation.

This is the time to buy generation, let uncle sugar help you pay them off, and in a few years batteries will be cheaper and better, and might have incentives to make it even more attractive.  If, in the meantime, the grid goes down, you will be very happy you have those panels and bought them with ponzi coupons before the big collapse.

In a commercial setting, storage can pay for itself right now because it can be programmed to dump the power at peak demand times, ergo, reducing the corrupt utilities peak demand charges.

Obviously, Mr. Fix's free energy machine would be better than solar, but sometimes you just have to use what the universe gives you.

DO NOT LEASE SOLAR!!!!  Unless you don't have the tax appetite for the for the ITC.  And then, maybe...

If any of you would like to find out what incentives are available to you based on your bug out address, go here:

If anyone has any questions, leave them and I will pop in from time to time.  Cheers!

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Don't agree on solar panels

My husband was an alternative energy engineer. He used to tell me that solar energy was a big rip off, especially for those of us living up north. He was most impressed by Mike Waters' wind turbine. It moves all day and through the night, when solar is not working. It moves during rain storms, when solar is not working.

I have personally spoken to Mike about his turbines. I want some for the top of my barn. I spoke to him just this week about his turbine design and how I wanted some. He told me that backup solar and his turbines were a good match. On clear, hot summer days without wind, the solar kicks in. Most days his turbines are all that is needed (along with batteries to store the energy.)

Here is a website about Mike's wind turbine:



Katie Rose

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Katie, some skepticism is a

Katie, some skepticism is a good thing when dealing with new or experitmental tech.  The squirrel cage design is likely to have its limitations as well and Mike should be able to explain those.  eg wind speed hi limit


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